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Annual Events

For the past 10 years Talent Resources Sports has produced the top events during Football's Big Game Weekend. Ever exciting; ever multifaceted, the Talent Resources Sports Super Bowl events are unlike any other. Partnering with lifestyle brands to create one-of-a-kind experiences and offering A-list performances as well as customized experiential events, Talent Resources Sports is at the intersection of sports and entertainment. Partnering with Playboy, Maxim and now Rolling Stone, TRS has lead the way by producing some of the hottest events in town. 

Creating an urban oasis in the heart of any burgeoning city during the NBA All Star Weekend is no easy feat. For the past 9 years Talent Resources Sports has been the paramount brand in experiential gifting lounges; sustaining relationships and providing access to the most influential names in sports, Hollywood, top media and influencers. We've built a reputation for engaging celebrities in immersive entertainment experiences complete with luxury and leisure.


Each year at the ESPYs, athletes and teams across all genres of sports are recognized for their outstanding achievements and stellar sports-related performances earned throughout the year; titles of excellence chosen not only for their efforts as players, but as individuals that prove determination and spirit are possessed long after the clock has run out.  For the ESPYs, TRS produces curated branded dinners, as well as experiential marketing events with top athletes in the world.