David Spencer

co-CEO and Founder

With my Bachelor's degree and MBA from NYU and a successful career in finance under my belt I ventured into the world of content production for ABC with illusionist, David Blaine. It was during this time that I developed strong relationships within the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and NASCAR and began procuring celebrity appearances. In working with the New York Knicks in this capacity, I realized the marketability of athletes - especially with the advancement of digital and social media.

In 2009, I joined forces with Michael Heller to launch, Talent Resources Sports, mirroring the successful formula of "employing powerful, media-driven celebrity and influencer-based campaigns and experiences" in the sports realm.

I currently lead all athlete-driven enterprises, focusing specifically on endorsement deals and international campaigns. I continue to work closely with renowned athletes and their teams to secure appearance opportunities, endorsement agreements and sponsorship initiatives. With a savvy eye for marrying brands with top-tier talent, I have been instrumental in facilitating the mainstream crossover of several elite athletes across the boundless range of sports. With my international background, I have enabled Talent Resources the access to expand its reach across industries, borders and cultures. 



co-CEO and Co-Founder

I started my career in entertainment law (NYU Graduate; Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law) where I oversaw and negotiated many opportunities for brands to garner celebrity support. 

I realized that there weren't many active facilitators that were bridging the gap between brands and talent. Not just talent, but those that were previously vetted and willing to align their likeness to a specific category. 

With my specific legal focus on celebrity appearances and endorsement deals, I advanced my skills in negotiation and determined how to fairly help both the brand and the talent. I noticed a clear disconnect between celebrities and the brands that were specifically trying to garner their endorsement.

Since 2007, our agency strength lies within our network, our wealth of knowledge and expertise derived from their various backgrounds and experiences within the industry. We are able to take those experiences and package our services in a way that is unmatched and all-encompassing for our clients. The manner in which we operate allows us to fully understand the complexities of what it takes to continually foster a healthy marriage between brand and celebrity. Once partnership opportunities arise, we are flawlessly able to create alliances in an organic manner.


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Nick Barrotta

Manager of Brand Relations

I have spent many years in the broadcasting and media industry building strong personal relationships with everyone from managers and publicists to athletes and celebrities themselves. With my unique experiences and passion for pop culture and sports, I help brands maximize their exposure and impact through a wide range of marketing campaigns.



Paula Pereira

Manager of Athlete & Brand Strategy 

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I grew up surrounded by the sports world. After receiving my bachelors degree in Communications and Marketing with a minor in Consumer Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, I decided to pursue my interest in digital and social marketing and found myself at Talent Resources Sports. Here, I work on the day to day operations for Talent Resources Sports. I work alongside Jake Nussbaum to help produce events at the Super Bowl, NBA All Star Game, and the ESPYs where we work in reaching our ultimate goal: to bring brands and athletes together in an organic way.