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Athlete influencer marketing for business growth

Sports Influencer Marketing in Boston

Downtown Los Angeles

The athlete influencer marketing agency with 5000+ sports influencers.

Athlete influencer marketing is a sub-form of influencer marketing and works when partnered with sports persons. Talent Resources Sports is an agency that can give your business a boost when it comes to brand awareness, recognition or growth among others. When rightly connected with the right influencer your business will see unprecedented growth and success.

We regard ourselves as an extension of your marketing team and have the required expertise when it comes to athlete influencer marketing, 360-degree marketing and brand or product marketing in live events.  We have made reaching the right influencers possible and effective since 2007 and are known for the best athlete influencer marketing in Los Angeles.

With over 13 years in the business and 5000+ athlete influencers we connect your brand to the most suited athlete to spiral your business. We are associated with brands of the likes of Red Bull, Ralph Lauren, Mercedes-Benz and Heineken among many others.

Our pool of sports influencers have personal interests in a variety of fields. We know our influencers, and it’s only a matter of matching the influencer with the right brand for efficient results. Our marketing team have formulated many creative campaigns and fuelled growth of our clients businesses.

Talent Resources is one of the most prominent athlete influencer marketing agencies and has lots to offer when it boils down to business growth with influencer marketing as a tool. Influencer marketing is already an effective tool, boosting it correctly with popular athletes is a multiplier.

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