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Talent Resources Sports: An experiential marketing agency

Experiential Marketing Agency in NYC and Los Angeles

Skyscrapers Above Times Square at Dawn

Examination, experience, expertise and execution leading to an effective sports influencer marketing campaign.

Talent Resources sports has a wide network of 5000+ influencers with a name in sports, and has been a key factor in business growth of its clients for over a decade. Our experience has developed us into an experiential marketing agency has helped us plan and undertake innovative marketing strategies for brands.

Our associations with brands like Sports illustrated, Rolling Stone, Sabra and Budweiser among others have made us a major player in the world of Influencer marketing. We have unlocked the power of sports influencer marketing with our industry knowledge and expertise. We are an experiential marketing agency in NYC.

Our data driven approach, has made us pros at connecting athletes and brands through desired and effective campaigns that have had a fair share of the limelight. We have been operating since 2007 and are a premier sports marketing agency with a 360-degree approach when needed.

Our goodwill comes from over 15 sports league associations, more than 175 live events and 100B media impressions. Our campaigns are tailor made for your brand with the creative team performing at its full potential to devise a plan and strategize for the operations part to take over and execute an exciting campaign for you.

Talent resources, an experiential marketing agency is your go-to if you are interested in partnering with an athlete for your next marketing campaign. We have the right mix of sports talent required for your products and services to reach the masses and have an impactful engagement.

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