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Experiential Marketing Trends for 2021

Experiential marketing has consistently evolved with the speed of technology over the last decade. The changes in the ways we consume content continue to drive businesses to be more personal in nature and places a strong focus on experiential digital marketing. With progressing days social media videos are more entertaining, moving, and provocative and drive real-time engagement. This is why the 15-second Instagram stories are the new 30-second commercial advertisements.

New York City is the base of many businesses representing a variety of industries. The most populated city in the USA is also the most important business region of the entire continent and one of the most important of the world. In the current marketing and endorsements scenario, experiential marketing is largely effective and an experiential marketing agency is the best collaboration that can happen to any business for success.

Experiential marketing is effective because digital experiences can connect on an emotional level and make us feel something meaningful in our physical selves. The new relationship’s economic growth is destined to favor brands that leverage Emotional Intelligence (EQ) consistently to engage, connect and personalize transparently and immediately.

Now let us discuss the experiential marketing trends for 2021which will spell success for your business.

Developing deeper relationships leveraging digital emotional intelligence

Physical emotions and digital emotions are different from each other. The future adoption of new applications and devices connect and enhance human emotions extending them. They are wide-spreading and contagious through social media because of a viral nature and speed. Brands, sensitive to digital emotional cues can use this information to affect behavior, thinking, and decisions across the platforms.

Meeting someone face to face sets a series of nonverbal cues and steers your communication allowing adjustment of tone and attention. At the same time using social media you do not only have access to what a person is telling you, but also bits and pieces of how they live and who they are. As an instance, you meet someone seemingly professional and mature and a while later you find out from their social media profile that they are not.

Brands will develop stronger and deeper relationships with their clients by leveraging digital emotional intelligence in order to create a better social media experience. This blesses them with profit via an increase in repeat business, referrals, and a reduction in customer complaints.

A study by Avery Dennison in collaboration with EVERYTHING inferred that emojis, are hieroglyphics of this modern age, is the fastest growing language in all history with 92% of the online populations using them. Understanding and interpreting emotion in a constantly developing digital market we can assess what influences their decisions and why.

Shop Local

The 2020 pandemic completely changed the predictions of purchasing habits. With lockdown in effect, many people did their shopping locally around their block for their necessities and thus, also supporting the local small businesses. With these changes, the evidence suggests, the larger brands will rely more on the comeback of physical stores, and the local physical experiences will serve as a tool to fuel retail and online growth.

Physical stores are where brands build human connections. This is where a community is built with in-store events, testing their partnerships and collaborations. As a result of which a mix of standalone stores, pop-up shops, and pop-in shops will continue.

The physical brick-and-mortar stores will most probably downsize their business but also continue their use to drive experiential concepts which will emotionally impact customers and funnel them towards online purchases, driving sales.

Saying nothing speaks a lot

Brands need to be aware of what they stand for to be successful in the future. Their choices need to be specific, and they need to speak up when appropriate. Those days are gone when brands need not take sides in politics, injustice, social movements, and climate change. Those without a voice are left behind and sometimes even called out publicly for not taking a stance.

Cause marketing is driven by a feeling of corporate social responsibility. This is because generation Z is very opinionated and vocal. This nature of the current consumers drives brands to partner with causes, build brand love and grasp people’s attention towards a positive social impact.

Sustainable future

As customers connect with a brand they portray their beliefs and support to the rest of the world, be it black lives matter, promoting renewable energy, or the LGBTQ representation. Brands need to portray that they are acting towards the same goals as their customers are.

Environmental awareness must be maintained thus, businesses, brands, and the rest of the world must be responsible for implementing sustainable strategies. Experiential marketers who are utilizing large-scale events must keep this as a paramount consideration.

User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is the marketing industry’s most authentic form of digital word-of-mouth. It is not perfect but very real making it valuable. UGC is a major factor of marketing strategies with 86% of companies and big brands using it.

More often UGC is some of the most creative content because the users don’t have limitations on what can be said or done. Like brands that collaborate among themselves expect a lot of brands to collaborate with their consumers in 2021.

Experiential marketing offers a variety of choices and trends. These were just some of the most important trends. Experiential marketing also has lots of benefits and an experiential marketing agency is the best way to progress with this given it will be updated with the trends and have the resources to organize it effectively.

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