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For College Athlete, Social Media Is Important in Today’s Time - Reasons Why?

Social media has revolutionized the manner we communicate with each other and the manner we communicate. This has changed the manner we purchase products, relate to our favoured celebrities and brands, in addition to how we narrate stories & generate ideas. The strength of the internet & application that on daily basis we use are highly underestimated and undervalued.

The major point in all here is what the world is concentrated on & where all current attention is. Moreover, this is where the world will continue being for years. Despite all the bad that is occurring in the globe, we are living in a time period & if you are not communicating or consuming your info from a few forms of social media platforms, you are thought to be some sort of outcast.

The mediums have considerably changed & the world is ever-changing in a manner that we have never thought of before. This is extremely vital for individuals to begin grasping the fact, particularly companies/businesses.

On the same line, athletes and celebrities even have understood the necessity of it & how crucial it is for their future. Many of the athletes have been able to make most of the social media in numerous different ways, which can be beneficial when it is about branding and marketing.

Few of the other important factors as to why college athlete social media is important are:

  • Brand Image: Social media can disclose images as positive publicity for expert athletes & causes they wish to great support.

  • Brand awareness: Social media can form an athlete’s social reputation.

  • Brand loyalty: Social media can simply transcend boundaries & locations while setting up trends towards the faithfulness of consumers.

  • Brand equity: Social media is one of the instant means of simply sharing knowledge & creating immediate accessibility to info.

While it does come with a great lot of responsibility as many of the athletes have destroyed their careers owing to the bad publicity & things that get posted on the social media platform.

The integral part about all of it is that it costs you or others absolutely nothing for voicing an opinion, creating a brand or/and publish any type of media. To publish any media at a worldwide scale to millions of people earlier used to costs a lot and even required an extensive network. But today it is totally free via social media channels.

The question arises, which social media platform is most important?

While there involve various distinct social media platforms to select from, based on what you do, who you are looking to reach & the message that you are trying to disseminate, some might matter more as compared to others. Within the last few years, social media platforms have thoroughly revolutionized access to our best athletes. Via platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & Instagram, we are able to avail an insider view about such athletes and the way they are leading their lives.

Athletes are massive trendsetters. They have extremely adoring followers and fans who want to be liked and pay attention to all that they do off and on the sports field. However, with all of these distinct platforms, it can become overwhelming to figure out the most beneficial social media platform, it can be thoroughly overwhelming to try and figure out, which ones will be most advantageous to their brands, what are their goals and what they are looking to share with their target audience or fans.

Instagram slowly is emerging to be the best social media podium for many different reasons. An increasing number of brands are investing a lot in advertisements, marketing, influencers on Instagram as they identify growth and potential.

For those who are professional athletes wanting to build, grow and monetize their brand, Instagram is absolutely the best choice one can opt for.

Why is it the best social media platform to use?

Instagram comes with a user base of more than 800 million people and presently is growing rapidly year on year. Currently, the platform is the second most important platform in the globe after Facebook. Note that Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Let us really get into the bolts and nuts as to why it is important for athletes to structure and grow their Instagram page. Humans by nature are visual & everything in the sports world is only this. It is visual.

Instagram is an image-intensive podium, which permits athletes with the potential to showcase as well as share a lot with their followers and fans. Everything from their daily routines, treatment, meal plans and daily life can get displayed on Instagram in a creative and unique way. It even combines multiple social media podiums into one, by permitting the user to put up pictures, long text and videos.

Also, Instagram is very simple, simple to understand and comes with an aesthetic layout. Additionally, the demographic on Instagram is highly diverse, thus you can reach out to your exact audience/market that you look to reach out to. Whether a student-athlete or an expertise athlete, most athletes are all the time on the go & rarely can go a day without any type of activity or interaction. It is very simple to create on the go content for athletes. With Instagram stories or live features on Instagram, athletes can show their followers and fans what they are capable of doing at that given moment.

Now, users can also host a 2 way Instagram live feed, which actually is a way for college athletes to use social media by hosting contests or giving away prizes. There are a lot of things that athletes can actually do using this podium that assist in building recognition and awareness around their personality, who they are & what they are up to.

Such features are good for engagement & behind the scenes because athletes can even hold polls, questions and answers and give fans insider accessibility that they would not be able to avail elsewhere. It is important in terms of forming a rapport and relation with those who support you.


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