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Talent Resources Sports: Powerful sports influencer marketing in Boston

Sports Influencer Marketing in Boston


We build and develop long lasting relationships between sports influencers and brands.

Talent Resources Sports offer the most powerful sports influencer marketing in Boston. With more than 13 years of experience and a long list of happy clients we are the best when it comes to sports social media influencer marketing. Our goal is to be an effective extension of your marketing team.

Sports influencer marketing can explode your user base and social reach. We build and develop long lasting relationships between sports influencers and sports brands. Our work speaks for itself through clients like Moet Hennessy, KIA motors, Pernod Ricard and Mercedes Benz etc. among others.

We have associations with 15 sports leagues, and have more than 5000 sports influencer tie-ups from a wide range of sports, offering an even wider range of sports personalities as influencers. Our bio proudly mentions associations with more than 175 live events and efficient experiential marketing with innovative designs.

We have received more than 100B media impressions and that speaks a lot about our success. Our team aims to empower your business with the best set of tools for digital sports influencer marketing, giving you a never before received boost and push for sales.

Talent resources sports is one of the most efficient sports influencer marketing agencies offering you the most potent and effective social media digital marketing through sports influencers. Make your business more strong with our powerful services.

Get in contact with us today.

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