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Sports social media marketing for Generation Z

Sports Social Media Marketing in Philadelphia


Develop powerful partnerships and effective social media marketing campaigns with Talent Resources Sports

Use sports social media marketing in Philadelphia, with Talent Resources Sports for effectiveness in digital marketing. We build, manage and develop powerful partnerships between businesses & sports brands. We connect you to the best influencers and endorsers to improve your brand awareness and enhance your sales.

Sports social media marketing offers a wide array of influencers at your service from a variety of sports. Athletes, football players, basketball players etc. can endorse your products to their followers and grant them a wider audience. Our association with more than 5000 sports influencers gives you a range of options for your campaigns.

We have successfully been a part of 175 live events and done experiential marketing to suit the needs of our clients. Our associations with brands like Mercedes-Benz, Heineken, Wendy’s and Sports Illustrated etc. have been successful and have brought us into the limelight.

More than 100B of media impressions and being associated with 15 sports leagues have given us credits and paved the way for our success through our 13 year journey. Our clients have always been happy with our services and given us the opportunity to become partners in multiple campaigns rather than single ventures.

Talent Resources Sports is renowned for providing sports social media marketing with the best services on offer for your business’ growth and efficient sales funneling. We have created many success stories. Come, create yours.

Get in contact with us today.

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