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Unique Super Bowl activations by a Super Bowl activation company

Super Bowl Activation Company

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The annual championship game of the National Football League is popularly called The Super Bowl. Since 1966 is being called so rather than the NFL Championship game. This event is a fiesta of sorts and is accompanied by performances, advertisements, and a lot of engagement activities from different brands.

 Since 2004 the game is organized on the first Sunday of February. In 2020, a 30-second advertisement commercial ad slot cost around $5.6 million. Mostly unique Super Bowl activation spaces were used and the most money was spent on activations of the 3 types as below.

  • Like a meme as a monocle sporting baby legume wearing a top hat.

  • The second most used was where celebrities doing all kinds of antics promoted brands.

  • The third most was where characters from popular TV shows or movies ran around singing and interacting with the crowd.

The final game was between Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers with a result of 31-20 in favor of the former.  A 50-year-old victory drought came to an end. The halftime show featured performances by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The on-field attendance was about 62000 which was the second-lowest total attendance since the 1st Super Bowl.

The game held in Miami, South Florida had a couple of drawbacks with the weather conditions which caused some cancellations of performances like Harry Styles’ at planet Pepsi and some rides at Shaq’s Fun House. However, that could not stop the partygoers and masses to have fun and jump from one experiential event to another.

Similarly, in 2021, the Super Bowl was held at Tampa, Florida between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs and ended with a score of 31-9 with a Buccaneer home stadium win and creating history. Due to the pandemic protocol permitted 25000 seating in the stadium and this recorded the least attendance. 69% of an increase was noticed in streaming viewership with about 92 million viewers.

Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan performed the national anthem and Canadian singer, The Weeknd was the major attraction in the halftime show. Many brands utilized the activation spaces and big brands made the most of it by using advertising through commercials.

As a small or a medium-sized business for you to do some unique activations you need a Super Bowl activation company. Using unconventional and experiential marketing methods which communicate with the masses who attended the event and were a part of the festivities.

Your brand, product, or service could be used to draw attention to your experiential marketing tactics. For this, you can use popular players, celebrity influencers, giveaways, etc. Gaining attention using a unique method is what an experiential marketing agency like us is capable of.

We at Talent Resources Sports have the necessary expertise and resources to undertake your campaign for Super Bowl Activations. We understand your business goals and chalk up a strategy to fit that best and most effectively with fruitful results.

You can come to us with a plan or take our help in devising a plan to best suit your goals. Just like other marketing campaigns the goals can be brand awareness to sales conversions. You could also do giveaways and hold contests for the masses to indulge in as it builds huge awareness for your brand. People get to know you as a brand and contest winners set examples. Also, once they use the products and services they get a first-hand experience of the quality of the offerings. These funnels sales by word-of-mouth marketing and even better if influencers are used for the promotion to bring in more people to the activation.

Some examples of what we can arrange for you is booking hotels or banquets, setting up branded display walls at prominent places, setup photo ops for social media sharing, promotion, and engagement, create activation hubs for hosted interviews or other programs, broadcast viewings, organize events for guests, subscribers and attendees, organize shows and setup venues for performances and fireworks for huge crowds of 5000+, stalls and stands, standees, organize games and the list goes on and on.

As a Super Bowl activation company, we provide end-to-end services in the experiential marketing campaign for your business at the biggest sports event of the year attended by thousands of people in the stadium and millions in the streets. We plan and strategize according to your business and campaign goals for maximized positive outcomes.

With our expertise in the same and a decade of experience in influencer marketing and experiential marketing campaigns, our management of the unique Super Bowl activation space is exactly what your business needs. Doing brand activation by your in-house resources drains a lot of time, money, and manpower and without the appropriate exposure to the sub-processes and knowledge in organizing such a campaign, you are bound to make mistakes that could prove detrimental rather than spell success. Success through brand activations at a sports venue needs careful planning and execution.

Get in contact with us today.

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