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The best event spaces for your Super Bowl evening

Super Bowl Event Spaces

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It’s time for Super Bowl and you want to organize a get-together for friends and family. You want to organize that Super Bowl party that remains in everyone’s memories for years to come. What would you need to do? How would you plan? And most importantly what should be your event space? Quite a lot of questions, isn’t it? Let’s help you get a Super Bowl event space for your needs.

The Super Bowl or the final game of the yearly extravaganza is eagerly awaited by the people for obvious reasons. It is a popular game and an exciting event.

So, what do you need to do for it to be a memorable evening? Here are the major considerations.

  • Guests

Like any other party start by making a list of the guests to get an estimate of the attendees. By the number this estimation reflects, you can build up on the rest. The number of guests decides everything else.

  • Food


Once you have an estimate of the attendees you can plan on the food. To keep the focus on the game always plan a variety of snacks and starters. By variety, we don’t mean a variety of chips and tacos. Combine dips, fries, chicken wings, and other light but constantly munchable items rather than heavy meals and loaded dinner tables.

  • Drinks

Beer is a very popular drink during any sports game. Some people also prefer hard drinks to the lighter ones and for them, you need at least one batch of cocktails. Also for the ones who do not prefer any alcohol content at all, you need some mocktails, colas, and sodas. 

  • Event venue

This is also another important one as the event venue will play an important role in making the event memorable. The venue needs to accommodate your guests without making them feel overcrowded or too scanty. The presence of appropriate screens and televisions are a must for the main attraction of the evening- the game.

The venue also needs to have an ambiance that supports the game. A bit of decoration with the banners and flyers of the two participating teams will create that added effect.


While you decide the event venue you need to consider all the above, the number of people, availability of food, drinks, and space (with tactically placed screens, projectors, etc). Here are some of the best venues to use as event spaces.

Many organizations and individuals plan these events well in advance and hence, it is very difficult to find a traditionally good spot that is still unbooked and available. You can gain access to other venues.

  • Bars

You can book a bar that can support your number of attendees, supply the necessary snacks, and set up the required number of screens to cover the viewing areas. A bit of decoration for the game and you are all set.

  • Restaurants

A restaurant with the appropriate seating capacity could also solve your venue problem. A restaurant would be able to supply the food without any problems however you might want to choose one that has the license to serve drinks.

Also, the required screens or game viewing apparatus will be extremely necessary. Rent one that can do it all.

  • Lounges

These are the best fit for small relaxed groups of people who would ideally sit down and eat, drink and enjoy the game among themselves. There are many lounges around you and you can go to any of them and enjoy the game munching and sipping while cheering your favorite team. 

  • Warehouses

Converted warehouses or decorated farmhouses could also serve as your venue. This could accommodate more than a bar, saloon, or restaurant. However, you might need to set up food and beverage serving counters.

These locations could be multi-storeyed and serve as ideal locations to separate the alcohol preferrers, the extra-loud cheerers, or even create separate groups of families and friends. However, this depends on your guest list and allows more freedom in venue decoration and customized venue organization.

  • Banquet Halls

This is more suited to larger groups of people with a projector employed to meet the game viewing requirements. Food and drinks will be available aplenty as most of these places would be under hotels or affiliated with them with all the necessary means available.

Booking one with good quality food and drinks in addition to the services and game viewing requirements could be an answer to all your problems.

Even if they do not have the food and drink facilities you can always hire an external provider to supply you with the same. The same applies to audiovisual equipment if they are not present at the venue.

 A well-selected Super Bowl event space is a major factor in the success of your plan as explained above. Consider the above pointers to help you plan and choose the venue accordingly for guests to have a memorable and exciting evening. Select food items good for snacking and drinks that complement the spirit of the game. Decorate the place a bit to match the mood and you are all set.  

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