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Super Bowl Hospitality and Accommodation in Los Angeles

Super Bowl Hospitality

Downtown Los Angeles

The Super Bowl is coming again. Super Bowl pools are being drawn up at your office, or you are planning something with friends and family, whichever it is you will need to take care of the food and beverages, and most importantly space. Now that you are reading this we will make sure you do not fumble by assisting you in finding out the best Super Bowl party hosting space.

The below article lists out the best Super Bowl party spaces in LA for that evening to gather in, cheer, munch, and enjoy. Without an appropriate space for your guests, either the party becomes more crowded or scantily populated. Both scenarios are something to avoid for a Super Bowl party.

  • For around 10 people or less

Your home is the best option to go for in this scenario. You can decorate your hall, living room, or if you have a covered terrace you can set up a screen and opt for some fresh air ambiance. Put up some banners and flyers for the participating teams and get appropriate food and drinks to suit.

However, for that special ambiance, you can also choose a small restaurant and book it for your party.

  • For 10-20 people

A small restaurant or saloon with a screen should do, however, if it is themed for sports events particularly for Super Bowl then that is a huge plus. You can additionally get it decorated with sports décor and as per your wishes to suit the occasion.

Use flyers and banners for the participating teams in the game to create that effect and ambiance. Everyone should be able to cheer for their favorite team.

  • For 20-25 people

There are many converted warehouses on the outskirts of LA. These places have high ceilings and customizable options. Use a high wall for a projector screen and most of them will have that provision with even a projector available for your needs.  These places have many options to choose from when it comes to seating arrangements.

Most of these places are well decorated and set up to host parties. You can set up the available furniture to your liking and convenience with multiple options and choices.

  • For 25-35 people

Townhomes and farmhouses with multiple stories would be ideal for these people. All the floors ideally should have LED screens for comfortable seating and screening to avoid congestion and spread out accommodation. Additionally, each floor could have a unique vibe and game atmosphere setting.

These houses normally have back and front yards to accommodate outdoor parties or segments of the party may be a pre or post-game get-together. The rustic yet beautiful setup will allow decorating for the game in a Super Bowl theme. Even a bar on one of the floors can make life comfortable for the non-drinkers and drinkers at the same time.

This kind of setup is perfect for hanging out with friends and family.

  • For 35-50 people

A bar, lounge, and screening hall combination is the perfect solution for you. The screening hall can be set up with a projector and a large screen, while the lounge and bar area can have a couple of wall-mounted screens for appropriate viewing covering the common angles. People can spend time at the bar, or lounge and eat or drink while watching the game on screens. For the more enthralling moments including the halftime show, they could move to the projector hall and have some large screen excitement. 

This also allows segregation for the different types of people watching the game, as the hardcore sports enthusiast could remain in the hall and watch the full game on the large screen. The socializing enthusiast could use the lounge and build up their PR. The enjoying their time kind could be at the bar and make merry of the game proceedings.

  • For 50-100 people

You can book a suburban or small theatre or cinema as what can be better than being able to enjoy the full game on a large screen and still be able to enjoy food and beverages. The small-sized age-old theatres like Neighborhood Cinemas. These places can accommodate many people at the same time and are the perfect setting to accommodate many people together who can enjoy the game, and enjoy it with food and drinks.

  • For 100+ people

 For more than 100 people to enjoy the game the best option is to use a food park or a large hall with outdoor and indoor bars and screens for audiences to enjoy the game and themselves thoroughly.

A large screen on one end and several small ones scattered throughout the area for the best visual experience and tropical gardens in the outdoor areas. What else could be better?

Super Bowl party places in LA can be easily located however the best ones need to be chosen to cater to your type of audience and make the evening truly memorable. Use the above guide and choose wisely. 

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